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Florida is a beautiful place to live and work in, with some of the highest quality paving contractors. With our experience, equipment, and ability to get jobs done right the first time, we are the pavers that residents of the Tampa Bay area can rely on. Whether it’s a residential or commercial project, from new construction to maintenance, businesses and homeowners count on us to deliver the superior craftsmanship they need!

What We Can Do For You

If your paved area looks old and worn, and it’s time for a repair or replacement, call our asphalt paving contractor for an estimate. We have plenty of options for asphalt driveways and parking lots, with customizable options to suit every usage requirement.

The first step is picking the best method for your project. If you have pavement with potholes, we can help assess if the best fix is cold patching, cutting and patching, or resurfacing!

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Safety First!

Regardless of the type of paving services you require, make sure to use a fully qualified and insured professional to complete the job correctly. This will keep both you and the contractors safe. It also provides peace of mind that the job will be done correctly and you will have a safe paved surface to use for years to come.

Residential and Commercial Paving Services

in Florida

As top paving contractors in the Tampa Bay area, we strive to serve our customers with the highest quality of services in Florida! Read on for an overview of the services we offer:

Driveway Paving

When your driveway needs a refresh, our paving contractors can give your home that fresh coat of blacktop that boosts curb appeal and homecoming comfort. We also offer asphalt repair, and asphalt driveway maintenance. With our asphalt paving contractors, you’ll know your asphalt driveway is in good hands!

Driveway Repair

Our professional paving contractors understand pavement maintenance better than anyone else. By filling cracks in your pavement, fixing potholes, repairing damage, and sealing everything to help keep new damage from happening, you can be assured your pavement is ready to stand up to fresh wear & tear.


Asphalt Resurfacing

When your asphalt pavement is looking run down, it can be resurfaced. This cost-effective option keeps the pavement foundation intact, and removes just a thin top layer of asphalt. Then, a fresh layer of hot asphalt is laid down. This extends the life of your driveway by 20 years or so. Ask our estimator if a mill and overlay is an option for your driveway!


Driveway Sealcoating

Sealcoating protects your asphalt driveway, parking lot, and other pavement from harmful elements. It creates a protective barrier between the elements and your asphalt surface. By extending the life of your asphalt, it saves you money in the long run. You can count on our sealcoating specialists to deliver results that last.

The Right Paving Option For You

Our paving contractors are familiar with the following paving materials and can advise you on which is best for your project.

Fresh Asphalt Installation

Our experienced driveway pavers offer start-to-finish asphalt installation. When you need a new driveway, give us a call! We always start with properly grading the site, allowing for proper water drainage. Then we move on to laying and compacting a strong, solid base that will hold up for decades. Finally, we pave with fresh hot asphalt that will be safe, smooth and look great!


Asphalt paving has many layers – from the graded dirt, to gravel, to the sub-base. Resurfacing is a cost-effective way of repaving your driveway because it leaves all of these base layers in place. So long as your foundation is solid, a mill and overlay may be a great option for your driveway! If your driveway is looking run down and you’re thinking about repaving it, ask us about resurfacing!

Seal Coating

Seal coat is thin layer of asphalt, coal tar, or an emulsion that promotes pavement longevity. It creates a barrier between your asphalt base and damaging elements – like UV rays, oil spills, and water infiltration. By sealing in the natural oils in the asphalt, it reduces the rate at which the asphalt becomes brittle and hard, extending the life of your pavement.

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